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Verizon Innovation Center Project (’11)


Verizon Wireless asked to Samsung to showcase demos that represent Samsung and highlights benefits of 4G/LTE in Experience Center in Verizon Wireless’s LTE Waltham innovation center where fortune 500 visitors come to see future services and opportunities. I was a key UX designer, proposed four leading edge service scenarios, developed application UX/UI to showcase digital convergence multi-screen concepts across Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, TVs, digital signage products:


  1. [Connected Store-Mobile Store Guide] Mobile store guide allow users to use a smart digital signage and a tablet as store guide.
  2. [Connected Health-Wellness Service] Home wellness provide users with diet/workout programs on tablets/smartphones personalized based on input from health monitoring devices such as weight scale, blood pressure monitors etc.
  3. [Connected Home] Connected Smart Home allow users to monitor & control home energy, washers/dryers, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and other electronics from smartphones/tablets.
  4. [Convergence-AllShare] Multiscreen content sharing and management between smartphone, tablet and TV using Samsung Allshare Technology.

These scenarios were specially designed, sponsored by Samsung, for the opening of Verizon Wireless LTE Experience Center in Waltham, MA. (June, 2011)

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