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Touch Con: Haptic Interface for Instant Messenger (’06)

Touch Con: Haptic (Vibro-tactile & Temperature) Interface for Instant Messenger

11/16/2006 Generation Computing, KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea

TouchCon is a haptic interface that works with the Instant Messaging (IM), Nate-On messenger program. TouchCon is defined to imply the visual and tactile information and is symbolized with the graphical icon in order to be used just like emoticons or icons on the existing internet messenger. For the purpose of offering the emotional & enjoyable interface, we create and edit the TouchCon using TouchCon Editor, apply it to the commercial messenger (NateOn TM) and operate the embodied character objects (TouchCon Object) expressing the visual and tactile information of TouchCon. We surveyed and analyzed about the useful emotional expression in the IM based on the user questionnaire survey of users in their twenties and the literature researches.

02/2007 Heesook Shin, Junyoung Lee, Junseok Park, Youngjae Kim, Hyunjoo Oh, and Taehwa Lee, “A Tactile Emotional Interface for Instant Messenger Chat,” HCII 2007, China, Proc. Volume 9, LNCS_4558, ISBN: 978-3-540-73353-9

02/2007 Heesook Shin, Junyoung Lee, Junseok Park, Hyunjoo Oh, Youngjae Kim Lee, Taehwa Lee, “Emotional Interface on the Internet Messenger,” 2007 HCI Korea, vol. 1. 875 ~ 880