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Synthecology VR (’05)

Tele-immersive Virtual Reality Project

06/24/2005 – 06/26/2005, WIRED NEXTFEST, Chicago Navy Pier

Collaborative work as Applied Interactives

Synthecology, a tele-immersive collaborative project with a new architecture for virtual reality sound immersion to create a garden of sonic experimentation for visitors to explore and cultivate. I participated in this project while I was a board member/co-diretor in Applied Interactives, a Chicago based creative VR group.

Wired NEXT FEST Synthcology VR

The most important contribution for this project was a providing the core concept of using ‘floating 3D dandelion as seeds’ in the VR garden that visitors can create musical sculptures of synthesized tones provided by web inhabitants. I named ‘Synthecology,’ which means the musically and visually synthesizable ecology by using collective digital data as seeds. I also created 3D models of flowers and plants and produced sound effects.

Upon entering the garden, each participant can pluck contributed sounds from the air and plant them, play their own improvisation or collaborate with others to create a new composition.

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As each new ‘seed’ is planted and grown, sculpted and played, this garden becomes both musical instrument and a composition to be shared with the rest of the network. Every inhabitant creates, not just as an individual composer shaping their own themes, but as a collaborator in real-time who is able to improvise new soundscapes in the garden by cooperating with other avatars from diverse geographical locations.

Every virtual participants are fully immersed in the garden landscape through the use of passive stereoscopic technology and specialized audio to create a networked tele-immersive environment where all inhabitants can collaborate, socialize and play. Guests from across the globe are similarly embodied as avatars through out this environment, each experiencing the audio and visual presence of the others.

[Participated Institutions]
Applied Interactives Lab, The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, UCSD, Electronic Visualization Laboratory(EVL)

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