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Shared Sonic Environments and Online Improvisation in Network Sound Systems (’04)

Full Paper: Shared Sonic Environments and Online Improvisation in Network Sound Systems (2004)


The topic of this research paper can be divided into two areas of research, the first area investigates various collaborative tools that use computer network systems. The second is finding the meaning of the interaction paradigm of a collaboratively generated shared sonic environment. For these, one categorizes network sound systems based on three different characteristics. First, local computer network system – a few locally connected computers, being used for an improvisation performance. Second, virtual instruments on the web – the creation of community – oriented shared virtual environments, where the user can join and leave, supporting collaborative ongoing sonic performance. These projects focus is on creating a more diverse and distributed Internet collaboration. These projects are not oriented towards time-limited event scenarios. Previous musical knowledge is not required. Third, a remote music performance system (telepresence)  used in organized events for a group of multiple remote performer/users, displayed in a space, improvising and interacting synchronously with a set of musical instruments (or virtual musical instruments). The idea of presenting performances that include one or more performers at remote sites located anywhere in the world, participating in an event taking place in front of live audiences during fixed periods of time.